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Privacy and Cookies Policy for Supercorte – Empresa de Confeções SA

Supercorte – Empresa de Confeções SA henceforth Supercorte intends to guarantee and protect Users privacy, as well as comply with its legal obligations. Supercorte is committed with the protection of the entrusted personal data and establishes with you an information duty and a transparency commitment regarding the compliance with the existent legislation on data protection. Accordingly, all the information with personal nature is processed and protected with all due diligence and always in accordance with the applicable law, namely, the UE Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (henceforth RGPD).

This Privacy and Cookies Policy defines the processing of any given personal information when using Supercorte website, as well as the respective information processed by itsef/automatedly processed information.


1) Collected Information:

• Information provided by Users

Supercorte respects your right to privacy and doesn’t collect any personal information without your request or explicit consent in this site.

The interaction with this page doesn’t demand any user information except when to expressly identified purposes under the terms and for the defined effects in “Processing of personal data’s purposes” infra.

When visiting the website, while fulfilling the contact form, the following personal data may be requested: name and e-mail.

In the “employment” tab in the website there are listed job offers with the eventual job description for which Supercorte intends to recruit, as well as the tasks, profile and preferential requirements. In order for the user/candidate to apply, he’s requested to send his curriculum vitae for the following e-mail: . This e-mail is exclusively used by Supercorte employees and the collection and processing of the personal data inherent to each curriculum vitae is necessary for the purpose of selection and recruitment.

In the website the e-mail is available as a contact, and it’s on the user’s decision, if wishing to, to contact Supercorte by sending an e-mail to the referred address.

The website also allows the User, if he wishes to, to be redirected to the following social networks: Facebook and LinkedIn pages belonging to Supercorte.

• Automated processed information

Every time you access Supercorte website, functionality cookies and analytical cookies are registered in your device memory. For further information, consult our cookies policy infra:

2) Processing of personal data purposes:

We exclusively collect the strictly necessary information for the proper treatment of the issues explained above, concretely, the contact request and any eventual clarification requested by the User in the contact form. The information collected in consequence of the reception of the curriculum vitae sent by the User through his e-mail to e-email has the sole purpose of selecting and recruiting candidates to the job offers listed in the website “employment” tab.

Supercorte is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data collected in its website, and/or through a presential contact in its premises, either through a phone or e-mail contact, to any of our e-mails. Your data is processed and stored digitally, by us or by processors of our entire confidence.

Thus, Supercorte as a controller:

• Assures that the processing of your personal data is accomplished only in the limits of the purposes for which they were collected or for purposes compatible with those ones;

• Collects, uses and keeps exclusively the minimum, necessary and sufficient data for the purpose in cause;

• Processes personal data for the legally foreseen purposes or for the pursuit of any requested service;

• Respects the terms of personal data retention, at the end of which has to erase them;

• Protects personal data, assuming the adequate technical and organizational security measures;

• Collects and processes personal data always taking into consideration the strict compliance with RGPD and other legislation concerning the subject.

3) Data sharing:

Supercorte may communicate User personal data to processors, being always responsible for its processing. We underline that the processors acting on behalf of Supercorte are of our entire confidence, offering adequate legal and technical guarantees for the safeguard of your data.

4) Your rights:

The User may, at any time, according to the existent legislation, exercise directly and by his own initiative the following rights: right to be informed; right of access; right to rectification; right to erasure (to be forgotten); right to object to direct marketing, including to profiling; right to object to processing based on legitimate interests; right to data portability; right to restriction of processing and right to complain to the supervisory authority.

In order to effectively execute these rights, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to or by sending a written request to Av. Martins da Costa, 211, 4595-280 Meixomil - Paços de Ferreira, adressed to the Data Protection team.

In case of complain to the supervisory authority, please be kind to inform us in advance, in order for us to start a set of proceedings that will, certainly, meet your needs.

5) Information security:

Supercorte assures the technical and organizational security measures in order to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of the data collected through its website. However, and once it’s impossible to guarantee the absolute security of any information sent through internet (open network), there’s a risk of unauthorized access to data, by third parties. Still, even in this circumstance, Supercorte adopts and develops, continually, security mechanisms that permit the protection of the collected personal data.

6) To whom this policy applies

Our privacy policy applies to all our website visitors, potential clients, clients, to our employees and to all services that we provided.

7) Review of privacy policy terms

By using Supercorte website you agree on the collection and usage of your information in the terms and according to the established conditions in this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, respectively. Supercorte may, at any time and without previous notice, change these conditions, being the changes published in Supercorte website.

7.1) By submitting your contact/clarification request in Supercorte website, the User gives his express, free and informed consent for his personal data to be collected and processed for the purposes and terms and conditions above.


8) What is a cookie?

Is a file that is imported for your computer or any other device when accessing web pages. They collect information about your preferences, not including personal data. In some cases, cookies are necessary to facilitate when browsing and to save and recover information on user or on his device preferences. For example, the way users access and use a website or the geographical area from where they access.

8.1) There are different types of cookies:

Session cookies– These cookies are temporary, generated and available until the close of session. The next time a user accesses the Internet browser, cookies won’t be stored. The obtained information allows the management of sessions, the identification of problems and provides a better experience of browsing.

Functionality cookies– These functionality cookies enable sites to remember users preferences about their browsing on the website. Thus, you don’t need to configurate or personalize it each time you visit it.

Analytical cookies – These cookies analyze how Users use the website, highlighting articles or services that may be of the Users interest and monitor the website performance, knowing which pages are more popular, which connection method between pages is more effective or to determine the reasons why some pages receive error messages. These cookies are exclusively used for analyses and statistical creation, without collecting personal information.

The cookies used on this web page are classified as functionality and analytical cookies.

We don’t store sensitive personal information in our cookies.

9) Cookies deactivation

The User may allow, block or deactivate the installed cookies on his computer through the configuration of options of the installed browser. Please, read carefully the help section of your browser to know more information on how to activate the “private mode” or on how to unblock certain cookies.

Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet options> Privacy > Configuration.

For further information you may consult Microsoft support or the “Help” section of your browser.


Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Personalized Configuration. For further information you may consult Mozilla “support” or the “Help” section of your browser.


Configuration > Show advanced options > Privacy > Content Configuration.

For further information you may consult Google “Help Center” or the “Help” section of your browser.


Preferences > Security For further information you may consult Apple’s support or the “Help” section of your browser.

9.1) Consent

By accepting cookies usage or by browsing in website, we consider that the User accepts cookies usage for the announced purposes and Compliance to the conditions contained in this page.

If, at any moment, you wish to withdraw your consent to our Cookies Policy, you must deactivate the stored cookies, adjusting the correspondent options that you may find in your browser “tools” menu. Sometimes we use external web services to display content in our pages.

For further information about cookies and its usage, we suggest you consult the following link:

You may, if you wish to, deactivate “cookies” and the “web beacons” in your computer, by choosing the preferences and options listed in your browser menu.



Publication date: May 2019

Version: 1.0